Friday, October 26, 2007

City of Blinding Lights.......

Its been such a busy month! I can't believe the amount of stuff happening in KL, it really feels like the city is alive!

This year's raya was a very different experience for me: Yes, I had to work. But it was great coz I got to share it with so many people.
I got to wear the full on raya outfit man, fuyoh!

November is just around the corner and its quite worrying: Well, Daphne is giving birth this month so she'll be on her maternity leave, but we still haven't found a host to fill in for her. We've auditioned a ton of people but still no word yet from the bosses. On top of that, Naz has so much going on that I'll be covering his ass for most part of November. Aiyayai....You'll be seeing me alot more on TBS this month....Hope you don't get sick of me. :p

Oh, also....Do look out for the weekend STAR paper in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I'm actually featured in the sunday metro section. Basically, a reporter followed me for a day to see how I spend my typical weekend. It was a lot of fun!

On to more interesting stuff, the outlets at Pavilion and Gardens are launching one after another. One of the highlights for me was the LaBodega launch. I'm a big fan of the place and the food they serve is just amazing. Gotta love the big breakfast!

Oooo, Global Gathering is bout to start in a couple of hours.....I better go get ready to PARTAYYY like ....well, I would love to party like a rockstar....But I ain't got no groupies :(

Will keep ya posted.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Music that i've been diggin.....

Seems like its been awhile since I last updated my music list. It was quite a dry spell for a bit, but recently I've found some good tunes and a couple of good albums to really indulge in, do check it out.

1.)Grand National - By The Time I Get Home There Won't Be Much Of A Place For Me
2.)The Wombats - Lets dance to Joy Division
3.)Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery
4.)Nelly Furtado - Do it
5.)The Enemy - You're not alone
6.)Justin Timberlake - All Over Again
7.)The Starting Line - Island
8.)Rilo Kiley - Dejalo
9.)Bella - Didn't mean to break your heart
10.)Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday

Albums you MUST check out:

Kanye West - Graduation
The Go! Team - Proof of Youth

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Man, I can't believe the number of new malls have popped up this month. Pavilion, The Gardens and the new section of Sunway Pyramid have all opened up their doors to the public. Its kinda crazy because we already have quite alot of malls to start with. I do feel M'sians are becoming one brand-obsessed, bargain hunting, shopping-crazed nation.

I guess its not THAT bad, i mean, it still helps out with the economy and thats always a good thing.

Well, I had a few fashion shows to do for the opening of Pavilion. I've been focusing so much on the Breakfast Show and emceeing gigs, i felt a little odd and kinda rusty on the catwalk. Luckily for me, I managed to not fall flat and make a fool outta myself.

This was the Parkson opening launch which happened before the official opening of Pavilion

They got Tata Young (Is that how her name is spelled?) to sing 8 songs!

This was the actual Pavilion Opening show which I was modeling for. The very gorgeous Marion was emceeing that night.

Backstage with some of the other models....They had to do a "showgirl" dance, which was very cool. Thomas Pink shirts(the one i'm wearing) rock but hella expensive!