Friday, February 6, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi......

whats up peeps! Man, CNY has come and almost gone. Here's hoping that all of u had a good time with the family and friends.

Most of you who do catch me or at least know about The breakfast show would have probably figured that I'm no longer with the show. I've been asked by many as to why I left. Well, I didn't. The true story is that my contract ran out, they decided to do an entirely different show which they felt I, along with a few of the other host didn't fit their new direction and replaced a total of 4 of us with ,well, more suited people. Fair enough. I understand their looking for brand positioning and revamps etc, so I had no qualms about not being apart of it.

So now I'm on my own again, free as a bird and just doing my thing. Whats next?? well....You'll just have to wait and see ;)

Oh before i forget, do go out and get the Feb issue of "August" Men's magazine. Myself and a few other male local celebrities did an interesting shoot for the mag. Here's the shot that they decided to use in the end, which was one of my favorite one. Tell me if I look like I lost the fight or won the fight, would ya? ;)