Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me, Myself and..........hey,where did he go?

Whoa, its been ages since I last posted something. I'm tempted to say i was busy but I guess that would just be another excuse. Well, updates, updates ......

Last week on TBS, I had the opportunity to interview a really cool guy. His name is Ananda Everingham. He's a pretty big movie star in Thailand but he doesn't really act like one. I mean he's really friendly and laid back. It was his first trip to KL and he was eager to find out about the nightlife here. He said he has heard alot of good things bout the outing scene here and I tell ya, for someone who's living in Bangkok to say that, its quite an honor. We had a few laughs and talked bout his latest film, Me...Myself, which is already in cinemas. I'm hoping to catch it sometime really soon, anyone game?

Hosted the MTV credit card party at Zouk earlier this month. It was off da hook!!!! And the ppl were cool too.....I didn't really have to drag anyone out from the audience, they just came. I guess it didn't hurt the fact that I was giving away bottles of liquor! Think there's gonna be 1 every 2 months at Zouk, so look out for the next one. Wonder what theme would be next.....Oh God, not the bad 80's electronica skinny androgynous fashion theme! Yikes!