Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Behind the scenes

Last week, we had the gorgeous Carmen Soo and the fabulous designer, Sonny San drop by the studio for an interview session. They were on set to talk about Eclipse' collaboration with Carmen for the Fall/Winter 2007 campaign. The collection looks great and I'm sure alot of women out there are probably buying their hearts out, if they haven't done so already.

Also, on set was Malaysia's top national cyclist, Josiah Ng. He's a pretty cool guy. Our hopes are with you Josiah, lead us to Beijing '08!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rise from the dead......

WASSSSAAAAAA.........Well,some of you (that somehow managed to find my blog and ACTUALLY takes the time to read it) might be wondering where da hell have I been. Lets just say there are too many different answers for just a simple question. Ok, so I haven't blogged for awhile. Blow me.... No, forget that I said that.

Now that I have risen from the ashes (minus the beard and the white robe that is), I bear gifts. Well, more like stuff......WELLL, more like useless updates on my so-called life. Still interested? The exit is down on your right. If you hurry u might still catch the last shuttle out of this shit hole ;)

Well, lets start with Merdeka.....Ah yes, it felt like it was only yesterday when I had the gracious opportunity to wake up at 4am and head over to Dataran Merdeka for the dry run AND the actual parade itself. (Naz says its good training.....If you can wake up that is)

In a nutshell, it was rather fun. Never actually been to one of these national parades before, and on my first time, I get to do it live on national TV, SWEET!

All I can say is.....Don't F&*k with us Bitchaz!

So then all the days went by in a blur.....and next thing I know, it was Urban Live AGAIN~ Well, this round was a little extra special coz it fell on my birthday weekend. Needless to say, these guys (Yes, I mean you JP!) took full advantage of me and whored me out on stage to get the crowd's attention.

I got tricked into thinking that I was gonna get some sexy lap dance by some hot actresses, but in fact, I got an entire DIFFERENT kind of treatment which the mental images will torment me for the rest of my life :'{

But, it was sweet when everyone, including the audience, sang happy birthday not once, but twice in a day with a slice of birthday cake with a candle on top. That was nice......

Seriously, I can understand that JP likes it....Didn't know u were a fan too, Choy. LOL!

Mr. JP managed to redeem himself by presenting me a sweeet gift...that allowed me to take these crazy photos.....LOVE YA BUDDY!

Phew, now I can start putting up some more CURRENT stuff.....

P/s: Wanna know how much a 600 million ringgit looks like??? Check this out:

FYI, thats my basement... :p