Thursday, June 18, 2009

just a thought

I'm so addicted to running on the beach. Its just the best feeling ever. However, after a very strenuous workout at the crappy gym, I didn't feel like running. I walked to the beach and just stood there admiring the scenery. It was quite a moment. The orange sky was radiating right above the greenish-red sea. Tiny waves crashed into my ankles whiles I was listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket's "Walk on the Ocean". It was peaceful.

Wish I had a photo to share but my camera crapped out on me. Ughh.

Monday, June 15, 2009

summer holidays!

HOT! That's pretty much what i'm constantly feeling these days. Vietnam is currently having its summer holidays .....Did ya know they have seasons? I've been told that in winter it gets nice and cool around 18-20C. Thats pretty nice....but as of now, its hitting the hi 30s and somedays it hits 40C. I'm just quite thankful that I'm not in KL experiencing the heat AND the haze....Yeap, its that time of the year again. Every year its the same scenario: The burning in Indonesia begins, KL gets hazy, M'sian gov vouches to do something about it so it won't happen again the following year and the rest is...well, deja vu i suppose.... Speaking of which! Yes, I've been here in Hoi An beach filming Deja Vu for almost 2 weeks now. So far, its been alot of fun working with all the other actors and crew, but due to the harsh weather, everyone is kinda edgy so I try to stay out of anyone's way.

The breakfast buffet is probably one of the best things of the day! Its got a variety but the only problem is that its the same variety everyday. After almost 2 weeks, i'm running out of options with the mix and match. The beach here at Victoria Resort is really what u see on a postcard...White sandy beaches and clear waters and blue skies. The best part is that because its a private beach, there's very few people on the beach at one time. On my days off, I put on my iPOD n just run on the beach and watch the sunset...Can't get any better than that! So here are some photos from Hoi An to share with everyone. Stay cool people :)

sun,sand & water!

Cast of Deja Vu

View of the Resort

View from my balcony

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Halfway mark

Wow, did time hop on the express train in a hurry to go somewhere?? Its definitely traveling at lightspeed, seeing that its already mid of 2009! Yes folks, almost HALF of 2009 is gone! Anyway, enough with the scary tales....I was quite happy the fact that I got to do some emceeing again recently. Since I started acting in February, haven't had the time or chance to do much hosting. So it was quite a thrill for me to do it again. To top it off, I got to meet one of the current hottest HK actresses named Bernice Liu! It was a simple affair: Basically, it was a press conference to reveal Bernice as the latest ambassador of this skin care product called Nutox. When I was first approached for the job, I was told that I had to do a talk-show-like interview with Bernice and that got me a little worried about the language barrier because the entire press launch was conducted in English. But then I found out that she's actually a Canadian native, which to my relief, was perfect! No more worries! To my surprise, she came with a rather small entourage and was more friendly and curtious than what I would expect from a big time celebrity. I can see that she's very in touch with her fans and really knows how to handle the media. From our brief conversations, I could tell that this girl is pretty grounded and didn't get to where she is purely on luck. She has definitely put in the time, effort, heart and soul to achieve this level of success. Ok, enough about her. Moving on....BASKETBALL!!! yes, its been a CRAZZZY NBA playoffs man.....Although I don't get to watch all the games, I still try to catch the highlights online. So I'm down with the Lakers taking down the Magic in 6 games for the championship.. I know, Dwight Howard has been DOMINATING in the paint and kicked Cavs ass sending Lebron home early, but I tell ya, Kobe and team have a few bodies, i.e Bynum & Gasol to throw at him so if they can stop him from crashing on the offensive boards, you know LA is gonna give Magic a run for their money. Ok, time to go to bed. More updates coming straight from Danang, Vietnam over the weekend! Ciao.

Bernice and I back stage before the event