Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good times....

So its a wrap for this year's NIDA on screen acting course! The tutors were so cool that we all decided to have a wrap up party/dinner. Some pictures from that night.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Endings & Beginnings

Wow, what a week. I mean it has just been a manic 7-day period.

Friday morning started out with an emotional moment. After 3 years (Me being on for 2 of it), The Breakfast Show is taking a much deserve break in the month of December. In fact, the show is gonna come back on in Jan with a nice revamp. Will I be apart of this next year? Well, will have to wait and find out......
So all 6 of us host, for the first time ever, were on the set at the SAME time. Pretty chaotic I must say! I had alot of fun hosting with these guys over the last 2 years and the last day was definitely no different. The only downer was that I was ill the night before and had the runs. So my knees were weak and I was drained. Nonetheless, being a professional, I finished the job!

Also, Friday night was the Ultimate Prom Night Finals. So right after the Breakfast show, I had to rush over to Segi College in Kota Damansara for rehearsals. I was struggling to keep my energy levels up as my fever was full blown and my stomach was rumbling the whole time. But when the time can to shoot the event at night, I brought my A-game on and KILLED it! Sarah was also great with her performance and I must say she has improved alot since when we first started. She works hard so she deserves the credit and respect for that. Make sure all of you tune in Dec 11th 2008 on 8tv to catch the finals!

On my personal development side, I was very fortunate to be apart of the NIDA "on-screen acting" extended course this year and it was such a blast! My tutor, Nicholas Bishopp (Who looks alot like Simon Barker, those rom-com fans would know who he is) is such a knowledgeable, experience, talented and articulate actor's mentor. Although I only managed to spend about a week learning from him, I must say the experience was overwhelming. My group's project was called "Hiding", a funny short story about making something big out of nothing. I played the "gay accountant" HAHAHA. Very interesting role and the end product was actually quite funny. (Judging by the laughs, of course) An acting career?? Perhaps....Will pursue further in 2009.

Thank God the weekend is here.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm back!

Hey peeps! Sorry for the long delay...but i'm finally back on my blog! Somehow I feel like I have this love-hate relationship with it...I want to post but then I don't want to...sigh. Anyway, gotta man up and just do it, right? So here's a what you can expect in the Dec 08 issue of Ok! Mag....If you like what you see....please pick up a copy :)

Will post up some pics from the recent many events :) Talk soon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rise ....Yet again??

Wow, ok....for those of you who actually read my blog, I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates! Ok, maybe thats an understatement since I haven't updated it in ALMOST A YEAR!!! I could give tons of reasons for not doing so: Been busy, no time, not inspired etc, but fact is, it was pure laziness! I know I know, you're thinking, "why the heck should i read this fella's blog if he's not gonna do anything!!" You know what, I TOTALLY understand, I'd say the same thing if I was reading my blog.

Its so frightening to see my last post was bout hosting on TBS for Raya and Raya this year is just around the corner. Thankfully we don't have to work during the first and second day of Raya this round, phew!

Anyway, back to the rise from the dead again scenario ( I'm quite sure this is not the first time I'm trying to resuscitate my blog), I assure you, I'm trying to eliminate the laziness factor out of the equation and start getting my act together with this blog thing. I've got lots on my mind lately and I think its time to, how should i put it, "let the juices flow"? That should be good motivation for me to actually spit it all out on the web for everyone and anyone to read it, no?

Wish me luck and do check in once in awhile ;)