Friday, May 8, 2009

Polo Boys!!!

Ah, finally back in KL and it feels good to be back! I don't think i've been away from KL this long of a period since I went to Uni in the states. I've been stuffing myself like crazy coz i miss all the good food. Guess I'll pay the price in the gym. I should practice some self control seeing that I have a magazine cover shoot next week! But I'm sure all the traveling I'll be doing this month will help me lose a couple of pounds....Gotta rush back out to SG next week, stay a week n back to KL before heading back out again on the 1st....Exciting but tiring!

Anyway, now I have some chill time, I guess it'll be cool to share some moments from the process of filming of polo boys. Looking at the pictures, I must say those are some good memories. Well, keeping my fingers crossed that it'll do well in terms of ratings when it hits Channel 5(Singapore) in July. If so, we can definitely expect a second season :)

At The Fly Artist gathering: Left to right is: Li Lin, Elizabeth, Allan,me, Irene and Mindee. Very nice ppl they are!

Wrap party! What a night....Just havin a laugh with Paul, Claire and Adrian

Myself and Paul caught on our phones while shooting a club scene. Paul is DA MAN!

Second script reading (My first coz I was the last to join the cast)

Just a group pose photo after we shot a hilarious scene that involved some major puking!

El Director aka "Chan"(The guy smiling like he won the lottery!) watching a playback after a take

Prepping a showdown with an opponent...Look how serious we are! U know we're gonna kick ass! :P

Neswpaper write up on the show. Yeap....Those are some really skimpy red trunks!

I think its a great photo...just one of those "moment" shots. Taken from a newspaper interview with Michelle Chia ( The hot babe!) about the show...oh yea, she's our coach in the series :P

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