Thursday, June 18, 2009

just a thought

I'm so addicted to running on the beach. Its just the best feeling ever. However, after a very strenuous workout at the crappy gym, I didn't feel like running. I walked to the beach and just stood there admiring the scenery. It was quite a moment. The orange sky was radiating right above the greenish-red sea. Tiny waves crashed into my ankles whiles I was listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket's "Walk on the Ocean". It was peaceful.

Wish I had a photo to share but my camera crapped out on me. Ughh.


ERICASIE said...

it's so true
to shoot or not to shoot today
that's the question and also the mysterious room MMMMMH!
goog luck


ERICASIE said...

hello my friend
in Malaisia this week-end ? or staying in the resort to eat,run ,swim and have the key to the ...paradise!!!

enjoy for the end of shooting and topless'boat
I'm very tired and I've a cast to morrow
au revoir éricasie

Life's A BiATCH....Dude... said...

Hi Hansen....didnt know you were in polo boys..Sorry..was updating myself with Malaysian entertainment news....anyway..saw u a couple of times...we're 'neighbours'...if you're still staying at tmn desa...Finally going back home after 6 months of work here in SG....wuu huu!...hope you have a good weekend ahead!..and if i bump into you.. i would say HI!!