Saturday, July 4, 2009

more great memories....

You know the feeling where you can't wait for something to be over and when it is, you just miss it? Well, thats kinda how I'm feeling about the wrap of Deja Vu. Almost a week has gone by since I left Hoi An and being back in KL has been nice, but I can't help but to miss the beach, the actors and the adrenaline rush of those long and grusome shoot days. It was tough, no doubt due to the weather conditions but I tried to make the best out of it. Maybe its because I have so shit and uncertainty to deal with here in KL (and in Singapore) that it was nice to just have one task to do, and that is to act, during my stay in Vietnam. Anyway, one thing I am really glad is that I have parted ways with my housemate and I don't have to deal with his bullshit anymore. BIG relief!

Anyhow, life goes on and I have to look forward to my next project. What it is you ask? well, isn't that the big question. Haha. Well, actually its no laughing matter. Times are tough as we all know but the industry i'm in SOLELY depends on advertisers and media spending dollars and its evident that those dollars are only trickling in drops at the moment. I just spoke to my agent yesterday and she told me that its very slow in Singapore and it doesn't look like MediaCorp has any more dramas to shoot for the rest of the year. Maybe thats one of the reasons why they pushed "Polo Boys" till october. Anyhow, I'm determined to go back and hopefully do a little more PR stuff through publication work, interviews and photo shoots.

Ooo!! Something really to look forward to is my sister's first kid! She's due to deliver middle of July and I'm gonna be an uncle! How exciting! :) I told my sister that I'll be the best uncle and get him his first lapdance when he turns 18. HEHeHe... I know!! I'll be the uncle i never had!

Anyway, I should probably hit the gym now.....Here are some more great memories from Hoi An beach...well, up till my camera crapped out on me....Grrr.

The French Cast of "Deja Vu"

Taking a swipe at Leslie!

Its her turn now, ouch!

Claire... we were on "Polo Boys" together as well.

Leslie & I taking a break from shoot to enjoy the beautiful beach!

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